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Group level members receive all basic features listed above PLUS

  • Multiple users (up to 10), and
  • Coding Courses

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  • Up to 50 users*
  • One 60 minute customized coding education session via Zoom 
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Your Resource for Coding Education

We simplify complex coding rules and provide resources that save you time and money.

  • Avoid coding errors

  • Reduce compliance risk

  • Maximize revenue

  • Easily keep up-to-date

With resources on key topics like E/M services, modifiers, Medicare rules, preventive medicine, billing for non-physician practitioners and more.

  • Coding Guides

    The long form. A detailed review of definitions, coding and billing guidelines, and key issues on a variety of topics.

  • Articles

    Based on questions from coders and clinicians. CodingIntel founder and coding expert Betsy Nicoletti provides clear, citation-based answers.

  • Cheat Sheets

    A must-have for new providers, and a handy resource for coders and clinicians.

  • Videos

    Convenient and flexible. These 5-15 minute videos are great for staff meetings and new physician education.

  • Webinars

    Members are guaranteed a spot for live events. Recorded webinars are available on-demand 24/7.

  • Lunch and Learn

    An easy way to keep your staff up-to-date with coding changes. These mini-courses offer key coding education in 10-15 minutes.

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